We can help

If you have a medical need for long-distance transportation to receive treatment but cannot afford to travel, we can help. We understand the financial burden associated with serious illness, especially when it causes a loss of income. Even though health insurance may cover the cost of treatment, it rarely covers transportation to a distant medical center.

That’s where we come in. Wings of Mercy bridges this gap, providing free air transportation to qualified patients. Our FAA-certified pilots are dedicated to getting you where you need to go, east of the Rocky Mountains. Approved patients involved in clinical trials or multiple appointments can contact us for a flight referral any time of year; we just need to verify your eligibility annually.

Destination Service Area (anywhere East of the Rocky Mountains)

It’s our mission to serve those who need us most.

The application process to determine eligibility is simple.

Helping another?

If you’re a member of a hospital, nonprofit or other organization seeking more information on behalf of an individual in need, please contact us directly at 888-786-3729.