What to expect

Our patients count on us for safe and reliable transportation to the life-saving treatment and care they need. To best serve our passengers and respect our pilots, there are some important expectations and preparations you should know about before flying with us.

Here’s what you can expect to encounter aboard a Wings of Mercy flight:

  • Two highly qualified and courteous volunteer pilots to transport you to your destination
  • One approved passenger of your choice to accompany you
  • The possibility of sharing your flight with another patient or passenger traveling to the same medical facility
  • A small, (possibly non-pressurized) multi or single engine plane with four to six seats
  • Flexible travel schedule
  • A non-smoking environment
  • Some, but often limited luggage space

Before you fly

Before takeoff, passengers MUST review and/or complete these materials:

Cleared for Takeoff Checklist

Organize your flight info here.

Luggage Cargo Requirements

Keep these in mind as you pack.

Final Checklist

Sign and submit before your flight.

Availability & Cancellations

Since we rely on volunteers, all of our flights are subject to pilot availability. Similarly, inclement weather may affect flight times. We ask that our patients be willing to fly two days prior to their appointment and/or two days or more after discharge. Due to unpredictability with weather and plane maintenance, we recommend that patients have an established alternative mode of travel.

Important Reminders

Please remember that patients:

  • Must be approved on all documents including the Wings of Mercy Waiver, Doctor’s Certification, and Final Checklist before flying
  • May not be on any medication with adverse effects at altitude
  • Must be accompanied by an additional passenger (family, caregiver, etc)
  • Need to have ground transportation arranged for both ends of the flight
  • Must provide ample notice of their appointment times or schedule changes
  • Must not smoke in or near aircraft
  • Must arrive at the airport at least one half hour prior to departure both ways
  • Need to ensure their luggage meets the requirements set (see requirements PDF)
  • Must meet approved weights and obtain approval for any additional cargo/medical equipment (wheelchairs, O2 tanks, strollers, etc)