Let us be a part of your story

Gain access to the treatment you need without the burden of commercial flights. Our pilots are among the best aviators in the Midwest, and we have an outstanding safety track record. We can transport you anywhere you need to go east of the Rockies. And it may be easier to qualify than you think. To begin with, you must meet the following:

  • Have a medical need for long distance transportation east of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Be cleared by a doctor for travel in a small aircraft without in-flight medical personnel or critical care equipment.
  • Currently reside in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana or Illinois.

If you feel that you do not meet these qualifications or have any questions about the application process, please contact us directly.

Apply Now

Please note:
  • Applications will not be processed until all documents are completed and submitted.
  • Since we use general aviation aircraft, your weight must be accurate including anything you would wear or possess in travel (clothes, shoes, wallets, electronic devices, purses, etc).
  • Baggage weight must also be accurate. Pilots can refuse to fly anyone or anything with incorrect weights including extra baggage or unplanned passengers.